History of Homework and Its Importance

The debate around homework, if it is needed or nor, has been going on for ages. It should be as old as the education system itself. Students find it disgusting and hate the first person to have introduced homework to this world.

A Short History of Homework

A Google search indicates that Roberto Nevilis first introduced homework as a means of punishment to his lazy students back in 1905. However, this is not the origin, as homework existed right from the start of the education system. It must have existed in some form – singing, reciting verses, playing musical instruments or even practicing the sword, etc.

Romans were thrilled at the idea of people memorizing verses and recounting it. The drama art form precisely uses this when the stage actors speak their lines after memorizing it. From this was born the idea that children when they review and repeatedly practice what was taught in class could well become an effective tool to reinforce the learning.

Objectives of Homework

The main objective of the homework was to make students recollect what was taught in class. Practices make it better for them to excel in the subjects and hence homework was used as a tool to facilitate more subject-related practice. Also, not all the concepts could be taught within the class time. Hence, teachers give out homework to make students explore or research additional materials to deepen the knowledge of a subject.

Homework is each students’ responsibility. It enables them to:

  • Learn at their speed and rhythm
  • Make numerous attempts to get it right and there is no one to look over their shoulders when they make mistakes. Mistakes could be corrected and the final content for submission could be refined multiple times
  • Plan and prioritize their time and tasks on hand

To summarize, homework consolidates what was learned in class, enables multiple revisions, and prepares students to face exams with confidence and less stress. Some additional points to think about:

  • The more student’s practice, the better they become in a particular subject
  • Since homework is each of the student’s responsibilities, they learn to be independent, be it in solving problems or independently researching to deepen their knowledge, etc.
  • All the above prepare students for the future as there are quite a few life skills that the whole process of homework cultivates in them
  • Parents get some insights about how their kids are progressing in academics by involving themselves and assist during homework

Apart from the life benefits, educational system-wise benefits cannot be overlooked. GPA is an integral part of student life and by completing homework on time, one can ensure higher grades and better placed to enrol in top universities.

Similarly, the college homework will enable students to build a portfolio that can be showcased to prospective employers to secure good and high paying jobs.


Homework can be really useful when the benefits are understood and students make an earnest effort to complete them on time. Using online services such as MyHomeworkDone.com can be really helpful at times when you can't do everything on your own. It not only ensures good grades but also develops life skills for students to face the world at different stages of their career and life.