Become More Productive by Listening to Music and Get Motivated During Homework

Students look at homework and assignments as boring and do not have enough drive to complete them on time. Though this is not true for all students, the majority feel this way. There could be many reasons for it but one thing is for sure – working on homework hours together in silence can be a deterrent.

According to some demonstrated results, it has been found that listening to music while working on homework has increased productivity without losing the focus. However, not all kinds of music will help. There are a chosen few that can help you do my homework now faster and better. Identifying these few is the hardest part!

It would be a good idea to create your homework playlist and start benefiting from it.

Does Music Help in Completing Homework?

  • The University of Wales conducted a study that has demonstrated how music can help students. Two key benefits are:
    • Students tend to be in a comfortable and calm state of mind while listening and working on their homework
    • Listening to music and doing homework increases memory and retains attention or focus
  • Music has a calming effect and hence it reduced anxiety levels and depression. When students feel homework is boring, they definitely cannot complete it when in a depressed state. The very thought of working against submission deadlines will keep them anxious
  • Having a homework playlist will ensure that music is what you will hear while doing homework. Listening to music eliminates outside distractions, such as a TV in the hall or a Vacuum Cleaner or the barking sound of your neighbor’s dog!

What Music is Good and Where to Find It?

However, the kind of music to listen to should be carefully chosen. For example, any music with loads of lyrics or heavy rhythms will not help. These kinds of music will steer you away from completing the homework. Choose your playlist with kinds of music that will enable you to focus and complete rather than decreasing the ability to complete the homework.

Choose music that has fewer lyrics and is pleasant on your ears. Heavy metal should be avoided. Anything with a good melody tends to keep you calm, focussed and as a result, the productivity will be high.

While the internet has scores of websites, YouTube is a good place to start. You can choose songs from there which have only audio. You might be surprised to find many homework playlists available on YouTube.

And then there is always the classical music that one can fall back on. Tracks from Bach and Beethoven can be a great help in peacefully completing your homework.

You can also check out the various live streaming websites and apps that play a particular genre of music non-stop. This may not be your playlist but can add that surprise element to the mix. Some pleasant surprises will add more energy and can help to keep you motivated.

I hope this post has kindled your thoughts on what music playlist can be beneficial to complete your homework on time.